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Board of Directors

The Friends of Brenner Children's Board of Directors

Virginia Sutton

Vice President
Catherine Hornaday

Vera Satterfield 

Friends of Brenner Committees 

Annual Luncheon
Gaines and Dixon Douglas
Ryan and Ben Johnson

Because We Care Service
Ann Brown Campbell
Betsy Harris

Beth Overman

Cheers! to Brenner Children's
Denise and David Hickman
Alissa and Lyn Williams

Community Outreach
Laurie Clark
Lee Saunders
Amy White
Alissa Williams

Deck the Halls
Margot Beach
Elizabeth Frost
Elizabeth Lovett

Ashley Pearce
Jennifer Rackley
Amy Yates

Kristen Zaks

Nursing Appreciation
Cabell Edmundson
Becky Ginn
Angie Koonin

Ex-Officio Board Advisors
Lynn Eisenberg 
Jennifer Grosswald
Denise Hickman
Shelley Holden
Sara Hollan 
Ellen Parsley
Stacy Petronzio

Nurse Liaison 
Angel Mitchell

Office of Philanthropy
Cindy Caines  

  • Friends of Brenner Children's
  • Cindy Caines

    Director, Constituency Engagement and Events


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    Brenner Children's 
    Office of Philanthropy
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