Research at Brenner Children's Hospital

Pediatric research is an essential component of Brenner Children’s Hospital’s overall mission.

The clinicians and researchers at Brenner participate in and lead numerous clinical trials and research studies each year. Our health care professionals collaborate with our colleagues at Brenner and at other institutions throughout the United States to search for new and better ways to care for children and improve their health outcomes. 

Findings from our trials and research help improve the health of patients at Brenner and other hospitals and health care institutions. Our clinical experts develop and implement standard-of-care protocols that are used throughout the country.

We engage in cutting-edge research in regenerative medicine, cancer treatments and surgical procedures.

We develop and test the efficacy of new tests, diagnostic procedures and medications.

We conduct large-scale research on novel techniques to increase adherence and cost-effective advancements in medicine, as well as many other clinical trials and research initiatives.

Browse a list of active clinical trials in pediatric medicine at BeInvolved.